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1977 год
Elvis Presley is an American inger
Elvis Presley is an American inger and actor, one
of the most commercially successful and popular artists in the history of world popular music. He is considered the "king of rock 'n' roll" and has had a profound influence on the development of the genre.
and actor, one of the most commercially successful and popular artists in the history of world popular music. He is considered the "king of rock 'n' roll" and has had a profound influence on the development of the genre.
one of the most commercially successful and popular artists in the history of world popular music. He is considered the "king of rock 'n' roll" and has had a profound influence on the development of the genre.
Elvis Presley is an American inger and actor,
In Tupelo, Mississippi, a baby boy is born to the family of Vernon and Gladys Presley and is named Elvis Aron Presley
On her father's side, Presley's ancestors were from Scotland and Germany. On her mother's side, Presley had Scots-Irish roots, her ancestors were also Normans, and her great-great-grandmother was a Cherokee Indian.
On his eleventh birthday, his parents gave Elvis a guitar - instead of a bicycle, which the family could not afford. He is learning guitar from his two uncles and the new pastor at the family church.
8 January
Elvis grows up surrounded
January 8, 1935
by a year of music and religion. He attends an Assembly of God church and sings in the church choir
to Memphis, Tennessee, where there were more opportunities for Presley's father
In Memphis, Elvis becomes consciously interested in modern music; he listens to country music, traditional pop, and blues, boogie-woogie, and rhythm and blues. He wanders into African-American stores, and he develops his own style of dress.
Elvis and his parents
November 1984
In 1950, Elvis studied guitar with Jesse Lee Denson. Denson's friends include the brothers Dorsey and Johnny Burnett, future rockabilly stars, as well as Johnny Black, brother of Bill Black, Presley's future bassist. All together they play on the street in front of the house. Their main repertoire consists of country and gospel songs.

Presley also attends the monthly gospel shows held at Ellis Auditorium, which he is deeply impressed by.
Elvis and Betty McMahan.
Elvis as a young man
The Presley family moves
November 1984
Elvis and his friends
Elvis as a young man
Elvis in the '50s
Elvis and his friends
Elvis and his girlfriends
"I picked up a guitar, watched people and learned to play a little bit. But I would never sing in public. I was very shy about it."
Elvis in the '50s
Early '50s
At a studio owned by Sam Phillips, the song "That's All Right (Mama)" by Arthur Crudup is recorded in a new style of performance. Sam later took the recording to a local radio station.
Impressed by the song, the disk jockey played it several times an hour. A few days later, "Blue Moon of Kentucky", Bill Monroe's 1946 country hit, was recorded in the same style.
"Sun Records" had its first hit record
On July 5, 1954, at the studio
On July 19, 1954, both songs were released on vinyl, the single sold 20,000 copies and reached number 4 on the local charts.
«That’s All Right»
Ноябрь 1984
November 1984
first recordings in studios in Nashville and New York
First records on RCA Records and TV appearances
RCA Records
In January 1956, the following were held
Scotty Moore, Bill Black, Chet Atkins, Floyd Kramer and the vocal quartet The Jordanaires participate in the recording sessions. These recording sessions result in the single "Heartbreak Hotel" and Elvis Presley's debut album.
The long-playing record opens with "Blue Suede Shoes" by Carl Perkins. The album includes covers of hits by Ray Charles ("I Got a Woman") and Little Richard ("Tutti Frutti"), as well as unreleased recordings made on Sun Records in 1955.
"Elvis Presley" debut album cover.
At a recording studio in Nashville, 1956
on national television for the first time
Presley performs the song "Shake, Rattle and Roll" on the Dorsey Brothers' "Stage Show". At this time, Presley's national popularity comes to him.
By the late 1950s, Presley's singles were topping the charts in the UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Italy.
On January 28, Presley performs
Elvis received sacks of letters from fans. He did not ignore them, but read each one, trying to understand people's thoughts and feelings. This strengthened his bond with them, making Presley even more special in their eyes.
In October of one thousand nine hundred and fifty-six, American Variety magazine called Presley "the king of rock and roll"
Elvis on TV
Elvis starred in several iconic movies, and became a great actor
Elvis starred in his first movie, "The Renault Brothers," which was later renamed "Love Me Tender."
This is because of the song of the same name written by Presley, which is released on September 28 and becomes popular at No. 1.
Elvis the actor
1957 "To Love You", the plot was based on a biography of Elvis
The film premiered on November 15, 1956
with Paramount Pictures producer Hal Wallis that allows him to work with other studios
On April 25, Presley signs a contract
On November 8, 1957, Presley's third film, "Jailhouse Rock," was released
In 1958, Presley starred in the movie "King Creole," which received favorable reviews from critics
Elvis continues to release new musical hits and tops the charts.
Priscilla Bewley, who becomes his wife
Elvis meets
Priscilla was only 14 years old, but that didn't stop the couple from starting a romantic relationship that lasted even after Elvis returned to the United States.
Elvis and Priscilla were married on May 1, 1967 at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas. The wedding was modest and was held in a small circle of friends and relatives. After the official part, the couple had a dinner for close friends and then went on a honeymoon.
Presley's wife
Nine months after the wedding, Elvis Presley had a daughter, Lisa-Marie Presley, on February 1, 1968.
They met in 1959 in Germany,
where Elvis was serving in the army
However, despite their divorce, they continue to maintain a friendly relationship until Elvis' death.
In 1973, they decide to divorce.
Priscilla, on the other hand, often felt lonely and unhappy, staying home with the baby while her husband toured.
Elvis and Priscilla's marriage was far from ideal. Elvis was known for his numerous infidelities, as well as his addiction to drugs.

Elvis' commercial success is astounding. His albums sell millions of copies and his concerts are always a success.
In the 70s, Elvis toured the United States extensively. His concerts are known for their energy and unique atmosphere.
He appeared in over 30 movies,
The movie "Blazing Star," 1960
released several successful albums and continued his music career for the rest of his life
The movie "Fun in Acapulco," 1964
After his military service, Elvis continued to act in movies and perform on stage
Elvis in Hollywood
By early 1977, Elvis has gained a lot of weight and his mind is dulled by the pills he takes daily. He can barely keep up at his abbreviated concerts.
"Love Me Tender," 1970
A riveting performance 6 weeks before his death, 1977
The last performance
The song "C'mon Everybody," 1964
"The Return of Elvis Presley Special," 1969
The movie Hawaiian Paradise, 1966
1967 album "How Great Thou Art" is released, which earns Elvis a Grammy.
Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977 at his home in Graceland of a heart attack
The funeral of Elvis Presley took place on August 18, 1977 in Memphis. The singer's body was laid out for a public farewell at Graceland, where he was honored by the presence of a huge number of fans.
The funeral procession at Forest Hill Cemetery, was accompanied by thousands of admirers. Later, because of an attempted theft of Presley's body, the remains were reburied at Graceland.
The death of a king
of 42 shocked the world, and thousands of fans traveled to Memphis to honor his memory
His sudden death at the age
A man at the gates of Graceland holding a newspaper with the news of Elvis' death. Mourners stood outside the singer's mansion all night
Bearers carry the coffin strewn with flowers into the mausoleum
Flowers are stacked outside the mausoleum at Forest Hills Cemetery in Memphis before the funeral
The funeral cortege leaves Graceland on Aug. 18
The front page of the "New York Daily News" reports on the death of
A hearse carrying Elvis drives down Elvis Presley Boulevard on its way to Forest Hills Cemetery
Presley's grave at Graceland
elvis left a huge mark on the history of rock 'n' roll and pop culture. He remains one of the most beloved and recognizable stars in the world, and his songs are still played today
Funeral procession
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